Welcome to the Bondfire


Anyone who meets me knows – I’m an outdoors girl at heart. My favorite moments in life are when I’m road tripping across this beautiful country or sitting around a campfire swapping stories with friends. 

I think if I hadn’t gone down a path of loving the scientific nature of marketing, I would have become a park ranger. Who knows, there’s still time for me to realize that dream.

In the meantime, however, let me welcome you to Bondfire Strategy, where if you’ve guessed by now, the name was truly inspired by my love of the great outdoors and my desire to form connections with people doing really cool things. 

My Why’s

I created Bondfire Strategy with a couple of reasons in mind. The first, is personal. I wanted to build a career that I love while making time to get outside and volunteer more in my community. 

The second reason is more professional. You see, I’ve worked at nearly every type of company.
I was a contractor through college, hustling my way into gigs to pay for school. I have worked with non-profits. I’ve worked in major companies as an employee and I’ve worked with major companies through agency life.  

Regardless of what type of organization we’re talking about here, one thing was similar across the board. 

Marketing is Hard

Marketing teams have an extremely difficult time keeping up. I mean think about it. As humans, we’re all jonesin for the next platform, streaming channel and way to connect. Humans create it, advertising finds it.

For marketers, it becomes a rat race on how to be an expert at any and all platforms. Because of this, marketers often don’t have time to think about whether these channels are truly aligned with their customer journey – or whether any of these efforts that keep them up at night actually work. 

As I mentioned above, I love the scientific side of marketing. The psychology behind why someone makes a decision or falls in love with a brand draws me in. The analysis of how tactics perform keeps me coming back for more. 

Professional Meet Personal

Now, back to my personal journey. The career that I’ve created for myself is to help companies find that alignment and see the true results of their work. Service is my love language and I’m here for you. 

So, welcome to the Bondfire. What areas in your marketing are you looking to ignite?