shine a light

We are collaborative, inquisitive, authentic, and community driven. We are curious about user behavior, and share our knowledge, expertise, and insights in open, genuine partnerships to help build connections. That’s what our business is all about – using our curiosity and expertise to help build connections and spark inspiration.

Sure, we care about our clients and deliver great work on time, but that’s what everyone says. What matters is what makes us unique.


We got a gold star for “sharing” and never stopped. We love sharing our expertise and using our geeky obsessions as your key to success.


You know how toddlers ask “why?” constantly? We never stopped. Every adventure is a chance to learn something new, and we are constantly curious to improve your marketing plan and peek inside your user’s brain. In a metaphorical way, of course. #notneurosurgeons


What you see is what you get. We have tried playing the corporate game and it’s not for us. We are open, transparent, and genuine and really hope you are, too.

Community Driven

We built Bondfire as a lifestyle business. Sometimes that term is disparaged, but hear us out. Life is about life, not making money. We think we can do both, but our priority is serving our community, and working with others who prioritize community engagement, volunteerism, and all that other good stuff.

The Firestarter

Jordan Walker is the owner of Bondfire Strategy, a marketing strategy, analysis, and optimization firm where she applies her experience as a former director of digital media strategy working with Fortune 500-1000 companies to set, measure, and achieve goals for businesses.

After a decade of implementing online tactics, lead generation, and online advertising, Jordan is focused on her super strength: building cohesive marketing strategy that aligns with organizational goals and supports a superlative customer journey. Working with in-house marketing teams, advocacy groups, and entrepreneurs, her own fire is fueled by sharing her expertise and learning a few new tricks along the way.

He keeps the Fire Going.

Josh Woods holds many titles from digital marketer, MBA, dog dad, and adventurer but at Bondfire Strategy he is known as our account manager. He brings a skillset that helps keep the fire lit between our clients and network of collaborators and masters the art of organization to ensure projects stay on track.

Josh brings an entrepreneurial mindset along with corporate and non-profit experience that allows him to see many perspectives, quickly solve challenges and develop client-focused, measurable solutions. When he’s not checking in on your project, you’ll find him exploring his new home in Colorado with his pup Posey.