2022 Marketing Trends


There are big things happening in the marketing realm that this can’t just be one article. We have to go all in. 

If you’re reading the industry, you won’t find any of this a surprise but you will feel motivated. You’ll feel a sense of urgency to look deep within your brand to really figure out who it wants to be when it grows up, and how quickly can it get there?

This next year will highlight our need for a human experience and separate the brands that are able to create it from those who can’t. 

These next three articles might have your to-do list packed. It’s time to get started. 

Let’s Get Personal 

  • Deliver on a purpose. 
  • Interaction and Conversational 
  • Native Advertising 
  • Influencers 

Marketers Get Strategic

  • The mad influence of AI
  • First-Party Cookies 
  • Real-Time Engagement 

It’s All About User Experience 

  • Less Is More
  • Integrated SEO, finally
  • Faster Websites, Simple Designs