We’re Manifesting Our Goals


Sound on, volume up. Vibe with us for a second. 

Feeling festive now? Good. Now it’s time to manifest our goals. 

The thing I love about goal-setting is the opportunity to take in all the little learning lessons we’ve absorbed and making the active choice to elevate ourselves – and our businesses. 

As I sat down and reflected on the first eight months of Bondfire and where I hoped it would go this year one of our core values kept ringing in my ears: Inquisitive. 

Learning and Growing

This year, we’re setting a goal to keep on our toes and actively seek out new learning opportunities and inspiration – and to share that newfound knowledge with you along the way. 

Once per quarter we’re initiating inspiration retreats for ourselves and any of our collaborators to join us. Whether it’s taking in some mindfullness on the hiking trail or hosting a discussion around key trends – we’re taking an active learning opporutnity to grow our knowledge and enhance our ideas for clients. 

We believe that fully focusing on learning and sharing our knowledge will strengthen our partnerships and elevate marketing strategy that drives results. We can’t wait – our learning list is never ending and that alone is exciting. 

What are you hoping to learn this year?