Finding the Why Behind Company Goals

Woman sits at a laptop with question marks above her head.

Goals. Key Performance Indicators. Benchmarks. Best In Class Metrics. 

You can label your metric of success however you want. But if we’re going to talk about goals, we need to discuss the motivations behind them. 

Usually, business goal-setting means focusing on the revenue and growth numbers we need to hit. But if everyone’s goal and motivation were just to make money, every company would use the same messaging and tactics. Your goals and motivations are your differentiators for success. 

More importantly, your customers don’t care what you want for your business growth. They care about their business or their own well-being. So, how do we tie our business goals to our customers’ needs? We have to have an emotional connection. 

Consider why people run marathons. Sure, they’re exercising and staying fit, but what motivates them to train beyond a typical cardio session? They most likely have an emotional why.

Maybe they’re doing it to prove to themselves how strong they are.

Maybe they’re running for charity and raise donations for every mile they complete.

Whatever the reason may be, there is a reason. It’s unlikely someone hops off their couch and runs 26.2 miles. Unless you’re Forrest Gump, but in that case, running away from your problems does sound like emotional motivation.

Just like running a business, training for a marathon is tough. It’s a tedious process without instant gratification, similar to long-term sales and marketing. So, you need to figure out why you’re setting goals in order to keep crossing finish lines with your customers.

So, how do we find our why?

To truly align our business goals to the customer journey, we have to ask ourselves two important questions. 

  1. Why do we need to achieve this goal? 
  2. Why do our customers care? 

When you start to peel back that tear-jerking, goal-setting onion, you’ll start to find ways to better communicate with your clients. You’ll discover ah-ha moments and how you can answer their burning questions. 

Don’t be afraid to dig deep when you sit down to think about your goals and ponder your whys. 

We’ll be here if you need help reaching your goals’ roots and when you’re ready to put your whys into action.