Sparks to Stories

The key to a solid sales and marketing program is understanding who your most valuable customers are. Without this step you might find yourself constantly chasing leads and lacking loyalty with your current customers. Does this sound like your business? Never fear then, you’re in the right spot.

Sparks to Stories is our first course dedicated for you to create a customer-centric marketing strategy that allows you to create an effective plan for your time and budget.

This course was developed based on a process we use at Bondfire with companies of all sizes – from small business to Fortune 1000.

Over five weeks, our team will guide you through a series of workshops, paired with video instruction and a workbook, to help you create goals, refine customer personas and create a customer-centric strategy.

Course Details

5-Week Virtual Course, Delivered Right To Your Inbox

Course Outline
Week 1: Introduction + Goal Setting
Week 2: Who Are Your Target Personas?
Week 3: What Drives + Motivates Your Customers?
Week 4: Developing the Customer Journey
Week 5: Optimizing and Activating for Success


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